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What is a Frenectomy?

The frenulum is a small band of tissue that connects the lip or tongue to the gum tissue of your mouth. A frenectomy is a surgical procedure that releases these bands and is usually used to increase the tongue’s range of motion or helps close a gap between teeth. 

It is a simple procedure and isn’t super painful. It typically only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Our oral surgeon will ensure you or your child has a very positive experience if you require oral surgery. We care for our patients with compassion and want to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible while undergoing treatments for any dental needs. 

Types of Frenectomies

Frenectomies may be lingual, which deals with the frenulum under the tongue, or labial, where the labial frenum attaches the lips to the gums. Our pediatric dentist or oral surgeon can correct both types of frenectomies and have your child on the way to proper overall development and functioning of their mouth.

Lingual Frenectomy

The frenulum under the tongue is also known as a frenulum linguae. This attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth and lower jaw. When the lingual frenulum is formed in a location that restricts movement of the tongue, this is when tongue-tie occurs. Tongue-tie is usually first found in infants and can cause many issues if left untreated. For example, they may have difficulty nursing due to a poor latch, leading to poor weight gain and nutrition. It can also affect their speech later on and make it difficult when learning to speak. 

A lingual frenectomy allows the tongue to move more freely by reducing the size of the frenum. This procedure, if detected early, can be performed as early as just a few weeks after birth.

Labial Frenectomy

The labial frenum attaches the upper lip and bottom lip to the gums of your mouth. This frenectomy is usually performed when a child has a gap between their front teeth, leading to poor self-esteem and dental hygiene. It is typically done for cosmetic reasons, but having a significant gap between the teeth can make it easier for food to get stuck, which can cause infections like gingivitis. 

If the tension of the frenum is very great, often known as a lip tie, it can cause root exposure and gum recession. 

The frenectomy will allow for space to close between teeth, which may or may not result in braces later on.

Is it Painful?

Pain from frenectomies is usually very minimal. There can be slight swelling for a few days, but this is easily manageable with over-the-counter medications. In addition, a frenectomy can be performed using local anesthesia in just minutes, resulting in very little to no pain.

At Smile Houzz, you will receive the best frenectomy treatment that North Richland Hills, TX has to offer. We are caring and compassionate professionals that will provide you with exceptional service. In addition, we provide our frenectomy treatment at an affordable price, allowing everyone to smile more.

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Who would benefit from a frenectomy procedure?

Tongue-tie and lip tie can cause several problems for people, especially infants and moms. Tongue-tie and lip tie affect the mother of the infants in many ways. 

The feeding mother might experience symptoms of:

  •  nipple thrush
  • sore, blanching nipples
  • plugged ducts from incomplete breast drainage 
  • sleep deprivation (from baby not being able to nurse efficiently)
  • mastitis (this can cause intense pain for mom)

Symptoms that baby might have a lip or tongue-tie include:

  • poor weight gain
  • colic symptoms
  • reflux symptoms
  • gumming or chewing nipples
  • trouble sticking out tongue
  • trouble lifting tongue due to the tight upper lip or tongue-tie 
  • extreme gassiness
  • difficulty latching, poor latch
  • falls asleep while attempting to latch
  • slides off nipple while attempting to latch

Consequences of Choosing Not to Do a Frenectomy

Untreated lip and tongue ties can cause many problems starting early in life and continue into adulthood. This includes:

  • Difficulty breastfeeding
  • Speech difficulties
  • Bite problems
  • Flaring teeth and gaps between teeth
  • Underdeveloped jawbones
  • Poor oral hygiene 

Frenectomy at Smile Houzz

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