We value preventive care and make it a priority. This starts with instructions on good dental habits, proper brushing, healthy diets and regular visits to Smile Houzz for your kids and teens dental care.

In addition to regular cleanings, Dental Sealants and Fluoride Treatments are great protective options for teeth. We offer training on proper brushing and oral health care techniques in a positive environment to instill good habits for life. Dietary guidance will also be incorporated into the training for optimal dental health.

What is a sealant and how does it protect?

Sealants are generally recommended on teeth that have a higher susceptibility to cavities like molars and premolars. These teeth have grooves and crevices on the chewing surface that harbor food and plaque and make it a great environment for cavities to form. Sealants fill in these crevices and make the surface smooth. The sealant material covers and protects the natural tooth surfaces by allowing food and other debris to be readily cleared off the surface.

Dental Sealant Illustration

What does fluoride do?

Fluoride applied to teeth is of critical importance in the control and prevention of cavities. While fluoridated water provides internal benefits to developing teeth, surface applications of fluoride at professional grade levels are proven to protect the exterior surface of developing and fully developed teeth. Fluoride gels and varnishes re-mineralize or harden enamel to increase its strength and resistance against acidic bacteria that cause decay.

Does an oral habit cause damage to teeth?

Oral habits like thumb or finger sucking and tongue thrusting can cause adverse effects to the way the jaws develop and the positions of the teeth. Early intervention is the best and easiest way to prevent damage and deformity from harmful habits. Protect your child and prevent the negative side effects to your child’s face and teeth by allowing us to intercede with a simple habit elimination appliance.

What is a space maintainer and why is it needed?

Space Maintainers are important preventive devices to hold space open or available for future permanent teeth. When a baby tooth is lost prematurely, adjacent teeth drift into the space left behind by the missing tooth. This can lead to significant problems with crowding, bite collapse, and impacted teeth. A space maintainer preserves the space by preventing the shifting of adjacent teeth. When a tooth is lost early, a space maintainer is a comfortable, cost-effective solution to prevent unwanted side effects and future problems.

Early Interceptive Orthodontic Care

Sometimes early treatment is recommended to address growth problems and/or severe dental crowding. The goal of early intervention is to mitigate growth imbalances and crowding and reduce or prevent extensive treatment and extractions of permanent teeth later.

Mouth Guards

We recommend mouth guards for active kids and teens to protect them from traumatic impact injuries. Ask us about the different types of mouth guards available and which one is best suited for your child’s activity.



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